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L'elisir d'amore

L'elisir d'amore

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Young, naive Nemorino loves the rich and capricious Adina, who wants none of his feelings for her. Although travelling quack physician Dulcamara convinces Nemorino to spend the last of his money on an infallible love potion, Adina remains resolutely unmoved and proceeds with her plans to wed Belcore, a dashing soldier. In desperation, Nemorino enlists with the troop in order to purchase a second bottle of the love potion with his prest money. Deeply moved by Nemorino’s dedication to win her love, Adina finally admits to herself that she also has feelings for him and buys back his commission. Belcore takes the news in stride, noting that he is sure to win the heart of another beauty, while Dulcamara has proof of the apparent success of his love potion.
L’elisir d’amore exemplifies the type of operatic work that continually enjoys public approval. The audience at the 1832 premiere in Milan was enthralled with the skilful mix of comedy and deep-felt humanity, which brings tears to more eyes than just Adina’s. To emphasise the timeless truth of the emotions being projected, Italian director Damiano Michieletto has brought the story into the present from its original setting in an 18th century Basque mountain village in this lively and colourful production.